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Financial Literacy

  • Knowledge around financial products
  • Responsible attitude and general financial behavior
  • A 2013 study by the European Union Commission revealed that the main cause of over-indebtedness involve the “incapacity to deal with financial products” and a “lack of money management skills
Financial Lifestyle

  • Only 3% of the 24 Million credit active consumers in South Africa have seen and understand their credit report
  • Only 32% of economically active people budget – 2013 Gallup Study
  • Moneyac has a collaborative budget that allows more than one person to work and comment remotely
  • Consumers also get access to credit score and monitor its progress
Instant access to unbiased Financial Wellbeing Experts

  • The only financial planner an average consumer knows is an insurance sales man who only cares about their own commission
  • A third of South African consumers rely on other people that are not experts for financial advise
  • The Moneyac Chat (Similar to WhatsaApp) allows consumers to have instant access to an objective financial wellness expert
  • Moneyac can give consumers easy access to their financial planners and recourse if they are not served properly
Digital Document Management

  • The Chat features also allows uploading of documents in pursuit of a paperless solution and quicker turnaround times
  • Users will be able to sign documents using our digital signature wich meets the highest international identity verification standards
Rewarding Good Financial Behavior

  • Individual consumers play a very critical role in the economic system, their financial wellbeing means healthier balance sheets for businesses, higher tax revenues for government and a strong economy that can create new opportunities for business growth and job opportunities South Africa desperately needs
  • If consumers are financially distressed, then the whole economic system suffers severely
  • The Moneyac Rewards Program is used to influence sustainable behavioral change

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